Quotes from Our Community

Troy, age 58, joined the Y in March, 2022. At that time, he was dealing with health issues that resulted in weight gain, poor balance, immobility, and general weakness. He decided to give the Y a try and with the help of Y Fitness staff, he started very slowly with resistance training machines and slow walkingand continued to make progress, lose weight, improve his balance and gain strength. What Troy describes as one of the best things about coming to the Y, is the connections he’s built with staff and other members.

“My support network is the Y. Other members tell me that I’m an inspiration, but to me, well I’m just pressing forward every day.”

Angelique was experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety and joined the Y Mind program after learning about it on social media. 

“The most rewarding part about Y Mind was learning how to navigate my emotions on my own and having that translate into better relationships with my boyfriend and other people in my life. Now after Y Mind, I’ve learned to just make more space to let the emotions happen and to let it run its course.”

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