Our school-age child care programs use the YMCA - A Place to Connect curriculum which focuses on play-based learning. Research shows that children shine brightest in programs that are structured to let them shape the program. This means providing choice, opportunities for leadership, a focus on strengths, and a place to naturally develop skills and relationships.

About the School-Age Program

Designed for children 6 to 12* years of age

Children continue to learn and grow together with opportunities to discover more about themselves through friendships and experiences.

  • Small group ratio of 1:15, with a maximum group size of 30, to ensure children get the attention they need, even as they become more independent
  • Opportunities for physical activity
  • Fun, club-like environment that promotes a sense of belonging

*Select facilities serve children up to ages 10 or 11, depending on the area they serve.

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For our School-Age Child Care Families

The most important people in a child’s life are their family. To help us be partners in caring for your child's needs, please review our School-Age Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct. 

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Child Care Inquiries

If you have a child already participating in our programs and have questions about their care, please contact their centre directly. 

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