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FitME and FitME Youth* are complimentary one-on-one training sessions with a trained fitness staff member who will recommend an exercise routine to fit your personal goals. Routines can include your love of swimming, your desire to sweat out stress in a fitness class, your need for low-impact activity or your goal to find your strength with resistance training.

A member of our fitness staff will connect with you to discuss fitness goals, availability and of course, any health concerns. From this, a plan will be recommended that is safe, effective and age-appropriate. After the initial consultation, an in-person workout session will be booked where our fitness staff will guide you step-by-step through the exercise plan and answer any questions or concerns.

Fitness staff will continue to be available throughout your journey to assist with ongoing concerns, technique and of course - lots of encouragement!


*FitME Youth is specially designed for youth 9-12 years of age. Training and consultation sessions must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

What is a FitME session?

FitME is a one-hour session where you and a fitness staff member will discuss:

  • Any goals you may have
  • Any current exercise routines you are following
  • Plateaus you may have hit and ways to overcome them
  • Basic exercise techniques and proper form
  • Activities you enjoy or are interested in trying
  • How much time you have to exercise and how to fit it in

Benefits of  a FitME session

At the end of your session, you will:

  • leave with a workout routine recommended for you based on your needs
  • Have detailed trainer notes to help guide you through the exercises
  • feel confident in your ability to include exercise in your life 
  • know that you have a training partner with the Y and we will answer your questions along the way
  • have the option to book a complimentary follow-up session to review the workout and get advanced exercise options