This orientation helps members ages 9-12 begin positive fitness habits in our fitness centres. By attending the 30-minute session with a parent, they learn essential training principles, what equipment and exercises are suited for them now, how to use them and what is expected in the fitness centre.

About the Orientation

The orientation provides guidance to begin a lifetime of healthy, efficient, and smart fitness training. Youth members aged 9-12 attend a 30-minute session with a member parent. After the session, youth get a shoe tag allowing them to use the fitness centre with supervision by the parent who attended the orientation. 

To add a balanced exercise routine to follow, youth can also attend a Youth FitMe session with a parent. Both the orientation and FitMe sessions are included with membership at no charge to support positive fitness habits. Building early fitness habits that include the whole family helps build confidence, self-worth, healthy body image and a desire to get up and move!

Etiquette and Training Tips for Youth

Quality vs Quantity: No one gets strong overnight so don’t go straight for heavy weights! Start light, perfect your form, and move up in slow steps.

Core Stability: Your core is a network of muscles around your midsection (not just the abs!) that allow for power & movement when trained properly. Rule of thumb – stability first, movement second!

Cardio: Don’t skip cardio! Did you know cardio health is the foundation for all exercise and movement, including strength training? Use a variety of machines – this will push your body to use different muscles and will challenge your cardio endurance. Try doing 15 minutes on a bike then hop onto a rowing machine for another 15 minutes.

Flexibility/Mobility: A long muscle is a strong muscle! When a muscle gets tighter, it also gets shorter which can lead to injuries. Stretch after each and every workout.

Technique: Improper technique (aka form and follow-through) while performing an exercise, could potentially injure your muscles and joints.  If you can’t keep the proper form throughout the entire exercise…stop…reset…and try again.  You may also need to adjust the amount of weight until your technique is perfect.  Remember, start light, perfect your form and move up in slow steps.

  • Use equipment at your discretion and as recommended by Y Fitness Staff.
  • No food or open drinks are permitted in the gym. Keep water in resealable containers to prevent any spills.
  • Appropriate, non-revealing, clothing and runners are to be worn at all times throughout the fitness centre.
  • Music is great to workout to, but please wear headphones as a courtesy to fellow members.
  • Photography of any kind is not permitted in any areas of the Y. Member privacy and protection are very important to us!
  • Wipe equipment with the provided cleaners after each use to keep germs at bay.
  • Respect that everyone has equal access to equipment. Invite and allow other members to “work in” on equipment between sets and reps.
  • Store personal belongings (such as jackets and outdoor shoes) in a locker. Consider keeping valuables at home just in case.
  • For your safety and the safety of those around you, don’t drop the weights….your toes will thank you!