We know that children involved in recreation do better socially, are healthier and achieve higher grades in school. As part of our mission to foster a healthy model of well-being, we are proud to be a partner in the Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) program. The program is specifically designed for families currently accessing Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). 

With the program, we are able to:

  • make positive changes in the lives of children from low-income families, by introducing them to financially-assisted recreation opportunities;
  • introduce children to a variety of activities – such as sports, dance or swimming lessons – based on their interests and the needs of their families;
  • create a recreation plan for each family;
  • equip participants with knowledge and resources to make healthy choices;
  • create ongoing community engagement;
  • promote positive connection and relationships within families; and
  • provide support in accessing subsidies.

To Apply

Click the link below to download and submit the referral form:

Download Referral Form

For details, please email grant.richter@ymanitoba.ca.