Our Nursery/Kindergarten Care Programs are designed for kids attending school-based nursery/kindergarten. This means care is available when you need it, and kids are supported in the transition to full-day schooling. Following the YMCA Playing to Learn Curriculum, children learn, explore and create through hands-on experiences. We encourage active learning and get to know your child by taking part in play with them.

About Our Nursery/Kindergarten Care Programs

Designed for children attending nursery/kindergarten school-based programs

Through play, kids explore the indoors and outdoors, the arts (visual, dramatic and music), science, early math and literacy. By sharing their day with other kids and educators they build social and physical skills, and learn to solve problems.

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The most important people in a child’s life are their family. To help us be partners in caring for your child's needs, please review our Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct. 

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If you have a child already participating in our programs and have questions about their care, please contact their centre directly. 

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