To be the heartbeat of our community.


We empower individuals to reach their full potential through connection, belonging, and active participation in fostering a healthy self and community.


Belonging is the heart of potential. We help people find their spark, because individuals shine when they know they belong.  

Potential is the heart of equity. Everyone has the right to reach their full potential and we help people on their journey 

Equity is the heart of community. We actively and intentionally remove disparity to build healthy communities where diversity is not simply tolerated, but celebrated. 

Community is the heart of possibility. We work together to make great things happen. 

Possibility is the heart of everything we do. We are bold and innovative with a bias towards action to achieve a sustainable future for our organization, our environment and the people we serve. 


Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is a reflection of our deep commitment to fostering belonging, igniting potential, and championing equity in the communities we serve. It challenges us to think beyond inclusion to deliberately elevate diversity and equity in our programs, spaces, and ways of working. Our plan is a call to action to build and deepen relationships, investing in our community for generations to come.