Build Skills, Build Connections, Build Hope

The adult mental health Learning and Leisure program is for adults (ages 18+) who live with mental illness, are now in recovery and are working toward personal mental health goals. The program combines structured group, one-to-one, and peer-led experiences to support physical, social and emotional health.

What’s Included?

Once you join the Mental Health Program, you will get the support of skill-building courses and workshops plus therapeutic leisure activities. You also get access to the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg health and fitness facilities because we believe that health involves the whole person: spirit, mind and body! All supports are included at no cost as the program is funded through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Is it Right for Me?

If you are in a stable place with your mental health, interested in building skills and personal support and able to attend once a week, you may self-refer to take part. We will schedule an interview to help you select programs, review your goals and set your start date. To get started, call 204-989-4197 or 204-560-6009 or email us

Words from our Participants:

"Through the stories of classmates, the course material and the genuine care you receive from the instructor, you start to feel hopeful again." - Meagan

"The future looks a whole lot brighter for me now ... I am now truly enjoying my whole new life." - Wayne

"Thanks to these programs I’m happier, more confident, made some lifelong friends, and the most valuable thing of all - HOPEFUL for the future, which is priceless!" - Stacey

Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff are not formally trained as counsellors; however, they do provide one-to-one coaching to assist members with mental health education, strategies for symptom and emotion management, goal setting and follow-up support, and accessing resources. Sessions often utilize theories, tools and strategies from research-based counselling methods and frameworks.  

Our Mental Health Program is intended to provide ongoing support. Workshops, courses, and leisure groups are available for as long as you need them. Access to YMCA-YWCA facilities continues as long as you are an active member of the program.

You are encouraged to take one course at a time for the best chance of successfully completing the course and benefitting from the skills learned. You may attend leisure group activities and workshops for added support.

Yes, especially if you missed a number of sessions in the course or were struggling with symptoms of your illness the first time.

Yes. In order to get the most out of the course learning and group setting, attending all sessions is expected. Please talk to us if symptoms are affecting your ability to attend. We understand that sometimes urgent situations arise that that may cause you to be unable to attend temporarily (e.g. illness, family emergency, etc.).