The Y is the first fitness facility to bring EGYM  to Canada. It can be found exclusively at our Elmwood-KildonanSouth and West Portage locations. Speak to our Membership Sales & Experience staff to get started.


    Train Smarter

    Get a full-body strength workout in 30 minutes. After being set up by Y Staff, your EGYM wristband is the key to personalized workouts. Swipe the wristband, and the smart machines adjust to your body and set the reps, speed and resistance. EGYM regularly measures your strength and adapts with you, making it suitable for all levels. 

      Why you will love EGYM 

      • It’s fun. Working out with EGYM is like playing a game.
      • It’s safe. You always have proper form with EGYM.
      • It’s routine-building. Removing the guesswork from working out makes you more likely to visit.
      • It’s motivating. See your progress and gain insightful analysis through the app.
      • It’s personalized. After your orientation, the machines know the perfect settings for you.
      • It’s effective. Never get stuck at a plateau or over-train with training that adapts to your progress.
      • It's included. EGYM Classic is included with membership. If you’re ready to level up, Premium is available for an additional fee. 

      EGYM Fitness App

      The EGYM Fitness App helps you follow your progress. Training results are automatically synchronized with your user account. 


      • Create a personal training plan for free.
      • Record your training performance.
      • Collect points and compare your results with friends and EGYM users.
      • Monitor your training progress, including completed and planned exercises.
      • See how your Biological Age compares to your actual age

      Get the app for iPhone  or  Get the app for Android


      Training Options with EGYM Premium

      For an additional fee, you can upgrade your EGYM experience to include premium training options. 

      Immunity Boost

      Intensity and progression-controlled exercises that increase your Immune defence

      General Fitness

      Variable workout stimuli to maintain strength and physical vitality

      Weight Loss

      High-intensity strength workout at consistently elevated heart rate and extended exercise times.

      Body Shaping

      Strength endurance and hypertrophy workouts for toning and body definition

      Muscle Building

      High-intensity muscle strain at low movement speeds for maximum muscle growth Athletic Enhanced performance by developing speed strength and resilience

      Rehab Fit

      Gentle rehabilitative training for physical ailments or injuries Metabolic Fit Gradual intensification of strength endurance training to regulate blood sugar