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We heard your feedback and want you to know that NEW schedule views in easy to read formats will be coming soon!  

In the meantime, we’ve added a pdf schedule that will show you when lane swim times are, recreational swim times, open gym opportunities, children’s drop-in activities and more. Simply click on the link “Drop-in Programs Only” under each branch.  These schedules can be printed and posted on your fridge if you like! Effective dates are located at the top of each schedule.

For a complete listing of all available program times (both drop-in and registered programming), click on “Full Program Listings” under each branch.  You will be able to register for a program and or class when this listing view is opened.

Downtown Elmwood-Kildonan South West Portage
 Drop-in Programs Only Drop-in Programs Only Drop-in Programs Only Drop-in Programs Only
Full Program Listings Full Program Listings Full Program Listings Full Program Listings

Did you know the easiest way to register for programming and classes is through our online registration portal? 

As a Y Member, you already have an online account with us and its important to ensure your email address is correct so that you don’t miss any important membership news, updates as well as a way for us to send you a link to reset your forgotten password (happens to the best of us).  Take a minute to follow these easy steps to confirm your account is up-to-date.

To minimize any inconvenience to our members, we try our very best to conduct maintenance and repairs when branches are closed. However, from time to to time we may have closures or events that affect services and program schedules. For the latest updates, please check our Branch Notices page prior to coming down to a branch.