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Mental Health Services

At the Y, we are committed to fostering the growth and development of people not just in body – but in mind and spirit as well.

Our Mental Health Learning and Leisure program is designed to maintain the dignity and realize the potential of adults who have experienced mental illness. Through skills teaching and leisure programming, our trained staff provide the necessary supports required to assist with an individual’s successful integration back into the community.

Skill Enhancement Courses and Family Educational Workshops

 Leisure Program Activities

The Leisure Program offers a regular program of activities designed to provide a natural social environment for recreation. Many of the activities are in general public facilities where participants will have the chance to enjoy themselves in a welcoming, supportive environment, meet others and develop genuine friendships.

Admission Criteria

Individuals referred to the program should be:

  • over 18 years old;
  • able to relate to others at a level appropriate for group interaction;
  • interested in developing skills and personal supports;
  • able and willing to attend the program two times per week;
  • stabilized in their mental health; and
  • able to manage the reading and writing requirements of program learning materials.

Both self-referrals and referrals from mental health professionals are accepted.

How to Apply

To schedule an appointment, please call Mental Health Services or email us.
You can also print off and send in a referral form:PDF form

Once received, we will contact you to schedule an intake interview, help you select the courses you wish to take, and set a start date.


  • Skill Enhancement Courses – there is no cost to take the skill enhancement courses, as the program is funded through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the United Way.
  • Leisure Program Activities – There is no cost to join the group, but some activities may cost up to $3.

Frequently Asked Questions


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