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Fitness Certifications

At the Y, we have been exercising, inventing sports and promoting an active lifestyle for over a century. In fact, the YMCA developed the first nationally recognized fitness leadership program! Our courses will teach you how to be an effective fitness leader.

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Regular Session

    • About Certifying
    • What is involved with Fitness Certification?

      There are three stages to complete to become a certified fitness leader:

      • Stage 1 is Basic Theory
      • Stage 2 is Applied Theory
      • Stage 3 is the Apprenticeship Progam
    • What is Stage 1: Basic Theory?

      Basic Theory is the minimum prerequisite for all certification courses. It includes exercise science and general program development for all fitness professionals, coaches and/or avid participants. This course will discuss basic anatomy and physiology, exercise design, bio-mechanics, nutrition and more!

      Successful completion of in-class written tests and take home assignments is required.

    • What is Stage 2: Applied Theory?

      Applied Theory applies to Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness and Individual Conditioning (Level I and Level II).


    • What is Stage 3: Apprenticeship?

      We offer an Apprenticeship Program to assist new instructors with the transition from participant to teacher. The goal is to ensure they are comfortable, safe, informed and confident when they run enjoyable and safe programs to members and the public.


      Each specialty (Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness and Individual Conditioning) requires 12 hours of apprenticeship before evaluation and certification is completed.