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Get practical instruction and hands-on training geared to a specific type of workout. Learn how to get the most out of each workout type with the proper form and a mix of exercises. Each series is led by our fitness trainers and included with membership. The smaller group size creates a supportive environment, great for a mix of levels. 

How it Works:

Groups of up to 12 participants will meet twice a week for a total of 4 weeks. Sessions will be 1-hour long with every session building on the knowledge and success of the weeks before. Be sure to attend each class within a progressive training series. Sign up for one series or join us for all of them! Start times vary by branch. Must be age 13+ to participate. See the upcoming Small Group Training Series themes below. 

Full-Body Strength Training

Starting Tuesday, February 7 

In the full-body strength training series, participants will work out alongside a Y Winnipeg fitness trainer, using exercises to target designated muscle groups with the option of using equipment or body weight. New muscle groups will be added each week so that by the end of the 4-weeks, participants will be able to customize their own full-body workout routine.

Registration Open TBA. Register online or at your branch

Core Concepts

Starting Tuesday, March 7

Your core is a network of muscles around your midsection (not just the abs!) that allow for power and movement when trained properly. This series will teach core exercises and then take you on the fitness floor to apply them to your training. Proper application of core strength significantly increases your overall training performance. Rule of thumb – stability first, movement second!

Registration Open TBA. Register online or at your branch