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For Wayne, life has been a series of devastating events, each one bringing with it new pain. As a child he was sexually assaulted numerous times. He has struggled with addiction to both drugs and alcohol and has been surrounded by people fighting the same demons. He has lost countless friends and family members. Wayne reached a point where he no longer valued his life.

“I was going to end it (my life),” said Wayne. “I had nowhere to go.”

Fortunately, he learned about our Learning & Leisure Mental Health Program through another participant who recommended it to him.

“I heard all the wonderful work that has come out of the classrooms – how to deal with stress and anxiety,” said Wayne.

Since first coming to the program, Wayne has enrolled in seven different courses, like Managing Anxiety and Dealing with Depression.

These courses have given him the tools he needs to manage everyday situations and an entirely new outlook on life.

“The future looks a whole lot brighter for me now. I am making better decisions. I am now truly enjoying my whole new life.”

Wayne credits this new outlook to his experience in the program, and to the team who runs it.

“Staff at the Learning & Leisure Centre have saved me from death.”