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Youth Leadership

youth Leadership
Dedicated to personal growth, we have been providing leadership training at our branches and camps for more than a century. We believe having self-esteem is the first step to becoming a leader. Our Youth Leadership Program combines leadership training, teamwork, self-government and volunteer placement to help build confidence – and connections.

Our Youth Leadership programs can open doors for you, giving you the opportunity to:

  • take the lead in organizing service projects or work on specific initiatives such as peace building;
  • work in team settings with peers and adults;
  • build new skills;
  • participate in your community; and
  • earn volunteer hours.
  • Youth Leadership - Registered Programs
  • Leaders in Training (Ages 12-14)

    A program to support and prepare youth for leadership, participants will be exposed to a variety of physical activities, explore group dynamics and interaction and participate in activities aimed at developing their sense of individuality and self-worth.

  • Leaders (Ages 15-17)

    Take a stand! Give your teens the chance to explore and develop their personal values, learn life skills and develop a sense of responsibility to the community in this leadership development session.


To learn more about our unique leadership programs, please call Camps or email us!