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LUNGtivity™, a low-intensity community exercise program for people living with lung disease, is now available at Y Winnipeg. The evidence-based program was developed in conjunction with the Lung Association Manitoba, Inc., the Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital and the Manitoba Fitness Council,  and is led by Fitness Leaders who have special training to work with those living with lung conditions.

Enjoy the motivation of a group fitness class in a safe setting along with others with lung conditions. The 45-minute classes include a warmup, 30 minutes of physical activity (standing or in a chair), breathing exercises and a cool down.

Is LUNGtivity™ right for me?

The program may help you to reduce feelings of breathlessness during daily activities, remain independent, and be supported in your self-management. To attend, you must be over the age of 13, have approval from a doctor to exercise and be able to safely transfer yourself to a chair. While LUNGtivity is a continuation of the exercise portion of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, you are not required to complete a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program before attending.

This program will be held at our Downtown and Elmwood-Kildonan branch locations.  To register, please call the branch directly.

YMCA – DOWNTOWN BRANCH – 301 Vaughan St.

October 27th – December 15th
Thursdays – 1:15 to 2:00 pm
No charge for YMCA members.  Non-members: $80 plus tax
To Register, call 204-947-3044



October 26th – December 14th
Wednesdays – 1:15 to 2:00 pm
No charge for YMCA members.  Non-members: $80 plus tax
To Register, call 204-668-8140

For additional information, contact Christee Stokotelny at or Patsy Ringling at