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Spivi Studio – Immersive Indoor Cycling

What is Spivi® Studio?

An indoor cycling virtual experience using real-time performance data such as heart rate, speed, calories and more!

Instructor-led (virtual or live) classes will find you cycling through a variety of cities or countries across the globe, other days you may be pushing yourself to cycle up the winding mountain path! No passport or luggage required!

Virtual 3D tracks, different camera angles, dynamic scenes, lighting control and real-time group activity will have you booking space in this class over and over again.


Watch the screen as Spivi tracks and analyzes a variety of performance attributes for each rider such as Heart Rate, Power, Speed, Distance, Energy, Calories and more!  On-screen avatars will give riders a real-time view of where they are in the pack – push yourself to stay in front or fall back and enjoy the scenery.



Spivi Studio indoor cycling experience can be found exclusively at our Elmwood-Kildonan and South branch locations and is available with a live instructor, virtual instructor or on-demand.