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6-Week Fitness Programs

Need a fresh start to your winter workout? Looking to focus on a few key areas?  Join one of our new 6-week Teen & Adult Fitness Classes!

Hard Core

Workouts will use variations of squats, lunges, planks, crunches and more to target muscle groups in the lower body and core.  Come for the challenge and see the progression in your balance stabilization, posture and strength.

Downtown Branch – Tuesdays & Thursdays  Register Now!

South Branch – Tuesdays & Thursdays  Join the wait list now!



A challenging and intense workout! Using barbells, resistance bands and kettle bells as your primary pieces of equipment, this class will focus on improving strength and building lean muscle throughout the entire body using a wide range of exercises.

Elmwood-Kildonan Branch – Wednesdays & Sundays  Register Now!

West Portage Branch – Tuesdays & Thursdays Register Now!


Classes run until March 5, 2020