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Rose Campaign

Rose Campaign At the Y, we believe that every woman has the right to live safely in her community.

By participating in the Rose Campaign – a national advocacy campaign to end violence against women and girls – you are helping us reduce violence against women, increase public awareness and prevent violence before it starts.

Activities you can do:

  • Send an email to your MP, asking for change
  • Wear the Rose button
  • Raise awareness by embedding the Rose Campaign badges on your website or blog
  • Encourage people who commit violence to get help
  • Teach girls to protect and empower themselves
  • Raise children who can resolve conflict without violence
  • Make sure your home, workplace and community are safe for women and girls
  • Speak out against negative media images of women and girls
  • Promote women’s economic and political equality
  • Support organizations that work to end violence against women
  • Donate your time and support the cause
  • Order Rose buttons for resale to support your local women’s shelter and support services centre
  • Download the toolkit for more great ideas

Fast Fact

Rose campaignThe Rose Campaign takes its name from the rose button created after 14 young women were murdered on December 6, 1989 and commemorates December 6 as Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.