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Education Classes

Although best known for helping people improve their physical fitness, we are dedicated to strengthening the mind and spirit as well. We address pressing community needs by offering educational opportunities to build healthier communities.

English Language Classes

If you’re a newcomer to Canada, we can help you improve your English skills to help make daily life a little easier. More info

Early Childhood Education

Our Child Care centres strive to develop their programs around the principles of play, health and relationships…while taking into account the developmental capabilities of the children in our care. We understand the importance of focusing on family and providing a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment so your child can learn and grow. More info

Fitness Leadership Courses

We are an industry leader in fitness education and certification. Dedicated to the training, certification and development of individuals in the area of health and wellness, Y certifications are recognized across Canada by all YMCA and many Provincial employers and fitness leaders and meet, or exceed, industry and national standards and are transferable across the country.  More info