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Recreational Opportunities for Children

At the Y, we believe in inclusion, and that no child should be left out. The Y is a place for kids to belong, be connected and accepted and explore their potential.

We know that children involved in recreation do better socially, are healthier and achieve higher grades in school. As part of our mission to foster a healthy model of well-being, we are proud to be a partner in the Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) program.

With the ROC program, we are able to:

  • make positive changes in the lives of children from low-income families, by introducing them to financially-assisted recreation opportunities;
  • introduce children to a variety of activities – such as sports, dance or swimming lessons – based on their interests and the needs of their families;
  • create a recreation plan for each family;
  • equip participants with knowledge and resources to make healthy choices;
  • create ongoing community engagement;
  • promote positive connection and relationships within families; and
  • provide support in accessing subsidies.

Enrollment criteria

The ROC program is specifically designed for families currently accessing Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). For more information, please call Recreational Opportunities for Children or email us!

How can I get more information?

We’d be happy to answer questions about this program. For more information, please call Recreational Opportunities for Children or email us!