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What is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation?

September 30th is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day provides Canadians an opportunity to recognize and commemorate the tragic history and ongoing legacy of residential schools.

The Y recognizes and commemorates the harm that was done to Indigenous children in Canada who were sent away to residential schools, its negative intergenerational impact, and the journey of healing that survivors and their families continue to embark upon. We remain dedicated to the ongoing process of reconciliation and to ensuring that we place a special and intentional focus on fostering our relationship with Indigenous peoples and communities in Canada. We encourage you to use this day to listen, learn, and support the healing needed to address the intergenerational trauma caused by the residential school system through quiet reflection or participation in a community event.

Ongoing learning is an essential part of creative inclusive communities where everyone belongs. We each have a responsibility to know what has happened in order for us to not repeat history, and to understand the unique experiences and needs of the diverse communities that we serve, including the First Peoples of this land.

What is the Y doing to support reconciliation?

In support of reconciliation, we are:

  • Creating awareness by:
    • Providing all staff with orange shirts to wear on September 30th (proceeds from the Y’s purchase of these shirts was donated to the Orange Shirt Society)
    • Asking staff, members, participants and childcare families to have conversations about reconciliation
    • Posting on our social media and website
    • Putting posters up in our Y centres and programs to create awareness
    • Educating our childcare community through the use of resource kits that highlight the traditional teachings, language, foods and music of our first Nations, Inuit and Metis communities

To help understand the importance of reconciliation, we invite you to watch the following two videos:

Senator Murray Sinclair Chief Robert Joseph 


Childcare Curriculum Kits

A committee of staff members representing the diversity of our programs and our staff was formed after a need was recognized to further assist our team in growing their knowledge of our Indigenous cultures. We spoke with community elders, local service providers, provincial leads in early years and Indigenous programming to ensure our planning was aligned in culturally appropriate and respectful practices. A decision was made to create several resource kits that could be lent out to childcare programs with the intention of using these kits to help with both staff education and childcare programming.

With the assistance of the Cambrian Credit Union grant, we were able to create 11 resource kits. These kits contain traditional teachings, exposure to language, traditional foods and music highlighting our First Nation, Inuit and the Métis communities.

For more information visit:

Inuit Culture Online Resource

The Seven Teachings – Southern First Nations Network of Care

Manitoba Métis Federation










Activities and Events 2022

There are several local in-person and virtual activities and events taking place to commemorate the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We’ve listed a few below and encourage you to participate where possible.

Visit the Manitoba Museum

  • Enjoy free admission to the Museum Galleries, Planetarium and Science Gallery from Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2. Guests are invited to wear orange. Read more about the special all-day programming.

Visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

See the 94 Calls to Action

  • Visit Beyond 94, a CBC website that monitors progress on the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action

Attend the Government of Canada Webcast

  • This event focuses on the lived experiences of residential school Survivors and the lasting impact on Indigenous communities. Guest speakers will share their thoughts and insights on the meaning of these experiences. September 29 from 12 – 2 pm.

Join the 2nd Annual Orange Shirt Day Pow Wow, Survivors Walk

  • Beginning at 11 am on September 30 at The Forks followed by a pow wow at the RBC Convention Centre at 1 pm

Visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery

  • The WAG-Qaumajuq, in partnership with the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, will be hosting a day of special programming on September 30 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Doors open at 11 am.

Check out the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) website

  • The NCTR Archives allows visitors to to understand the history of Canada and the mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples.
  • The NCTR Online Exhibits include mini-documentaries, survivor statements and more.
  • The NCTR will be hosting virtual programming. Visit their website for more information and to register.