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As any parent or guardian can tell you, finding childcare can be difficult. When your child has additional support needs that search is exponentially more difficult. That’s one of the reasons we started offering an After School Program for Youth with Additional Support Needs more than 10 years ago. The Program helps families like the Squires’ meet their employment needs while we provide safe, non-judgmental care to their son, Kyle.

“It has helped Kyle immensely,” says his mom, Bonnie. “He has an opportunity to make new friends outside of the school day. It helps him interact with others his age and with support workers.”

The Program is offered at a number of schools throughout the city, and also over the spring and summer break periods. Daily activities include science experiments, sports, music, arts/crafts and more.

“It can be difficult to find him outside activities and extracurricular activities, so this allows him exposure to those activities and to be with other people,” adds Bonnie. “And it allows us exposure to potential respite workers and people in those roles who can help us outside of the Program.”