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  • Aquatic Fitness
  • Aqua Zumba®

    The best of aquafit and Zumba® combined! Latin-inspired aerobic dance movements work with the resistance of the water to improve your health while having fun.

  • Aquafit - Deep Water

    Using the resistance of water combined with movement, this aerobics class in deep water provides a full-body workout while the weightless environment makes it easy on your joints. Control your own intensity level by modifying surface area, speed and force of movements. Great for beginners or seasoned exercisers! Floatation equipment is provided.

  • Aquafit - Gentle

    This water aerobics class is a fun, safe and effective way to tone muscles, burn calories and keep fit without stressing your joints! It’s perfect if you are new to aquafit. All levels welcome. This is a great class for individuals managing a chronic health condition as it follows a gentler pace. Like other aquafit classes, it offers strength gains and improved circulation.

  • Aquafit - Shallow

    This aerobic interval exercise class in shallow water is for people looking for a moderate-intensity workout. You will train and improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. All levels are welcome.

  • Deep Water Running

    Pick up your pace! Gain all the health benefits of running without stressing your joints in this cardiovascular and muscular endurance class that simulates land running.