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FAQ for Families
Pandemic Planning

We are seeking information solely for purposes of contingency planning: nothing has changed with respect to childcare in Manitoba at this time.

Why are you surveying me about my childcare needs?
We are surveying families as part of our pandemic preparedness. To assist with our ongoing planning, we are collecting up-to-date information that will help guide our operations in the event that restrictions and/or potential staffing shortages related to Covid-19 impact our capacity to provide services to all families enrolled in our childcare programs.

What does voluntary suspension of care mean?
This means that, should it be required to meet operational demands, families would be willing and able to temporarily give up their childcare space for a period of time. As such, families would not be charged childcare fees and their childcare registration would remain secure.

Is my childcare space secure?
Yes, at this time your childcare space is secure.

I didn’t receive an email about this.
We sent the survey to all childcare families with a valid email address on file. If you have not provided us with an email address, or your email address has changed, please complete this form. Email is our primary form of communication with families, so we highly encourage you to provide this information so you can stay up-to-date.

How will the Y communicate with families regarding any applicable changes to childcare operations?
We will communicate with families via email and on this website