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We are much more than simply a centre for physical fitness.

We are a charity that focuses on nurturing potential, promoting healthy living, and fostering social responsibility. And we work hard every day to make a positive impact in individual’s lives in the communities we serve.

We are proud to share some of the examples of the lasting personal and social change that we have helped foster.

Transformation starts here

Jamie’s story

“Dad, slow down!”

Those words are music to Jamie’s ears, since only a few years ago he was battling significant health challenges and wasn’t able to keep up with his daughters.

Jamie was more than 120 pounds overweight, had developed Type 2 diabetes and was battling anxiety and depression. He was scared. Everything changed after a sobering visit with his doctor, when he was told that if he didn’t make changes he wouldn’t be alive to see his children grow up.  He knew he needed to do something – if not for himself, then for his daughters.

Jamie wanted to go to a place where he and his family could become involved, where they could make lifestyle changes together. When he walked through the doors of the YMCA, he felt like he was part of a community. He felt at home and met people who believed in his healthy future.

The Y staff helped Jamie make big changes and tackle his goals one small step at a time. That made all the difference – over the next two years, Jamie lost 145 pounds. His physical and mental health improved dramatically. And amazingly, he has become a YMCA wellness instructor, personal trainer, and a group fitness instructor!

Jamie’s health has never been better, and with his YMCA community by his side, he will help many more people become active and healthy.

Kelli H.

As a single parent with limited income, being able to send my children to Camp each summer through the Y’s subsidy program is a small miracle and an amazing gift. I will never forget how much growth, independence and confidence my daughter exemplified after her first two-week session at Camp. Camp breaks many dark cycles of my children’s ancestral lineage and brightens their future. There is no better way to ensure opportunities for growth in self-esteem and a sense of community belonging than through attendance at Camp.

Youth member

The Y opened new options for me. The option to play basketball, go swimming, work out, and just to be in a safe place. The Y has been life-changing for me, just having the option to go – whether an excuse to get away from problems, to let loose, or to be with friends. The Y has helped me stay out of trouble and out of some dark hallways. I remember staying 6 to 10 hours a day playing basketball. There were times when the Y was the only place I had to go.

Youth member

Going to the Y is like therapy for me.  I love having sweat drip down my face as I run. I love listening to music and running my fastest. It takes a lot of <<expletive>> off my mind, such as family and personal problems. Before, I used to be a cutter. A friend recommended that I get a Y pass and she said it helps a lot. She was right. Thanks to the Y and running, I don’t cut anymore. Going to the Y is also an escape to get away from an alcoholic father. Usually after a good workout, it feels really good. Best feeling ever.

Kalyn Murdock

It sounds very cheesy, but the Y really did shape who I am and set me down a certain path. Against my will, my mom signed me up for a lot of programs at the Y. And it turned out that I loved all of them. When I was 13 I was started on the Leadership Program at the South Y and then later on that summer, when I was still 13, I was signed up for a two-week canoe trip at the Y’s Camp Stephens. And that was all because my mom  had a friend whose daughter had done one of the trips and said it was character building – the daughter came back all confident and it was really good for her. So I had to do it. And one or two days in, I discovered that I really liked it. And for over a decade after that I spent every summer at a Y Camp. So I went from not being an outdoorsy person at all to being REALLY into it. And my whole life has been around outdoor education…and that’s 100% because of the Y.


Excerpt from a letter from a former volunteer & staff member

When I started I quickly realized that the kids that come to the centre are in-need of positive adult role models and as soon as I put on the YMCA-YWCA shirt I automatically became one. I learned that an engaging smile to a kid as they walked through the door could brighten their day. I learned that there are no “bad kids”, there are kids who make bad decisions, but that we could help them make better choices in the future. I learned about Y values like respect, responsibility, honesty and caring and how I could use these values as tools to help kids solve their problems. Best of all for me, I learned that all these skills helped me become a better mom to my own kids.

Patrick Bergstrom

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